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Logistrics offers transportation solutions covering Crew management, Taxi dispatch, Fleet management, Food Distribution, etc.

Logistrics Crew Solution (with Transit functionality)

The crew solution is an enterprise grade application primarily aimed at crew haulers or operators handling railroad or airline crew. It helps these verticals manage better operationally and reduce costs. It has been used since 2009 by one of the largest crew haulers in the U.S. serving Fortune 500 railroads. As it serves the railroads in the U.S., it has a number of transit type functionality including real-time resource optimization, work hours, shifts, routes, hubs, schedules and fuel management among others.

GPS Data as a Service

As IOT and location based apps proliferate, the challenge of managing and utilising GPS data in a meaningful way assumes a lot of importance. The advent of API accessed mapping software such as Open Street, Google, MapQuest, etc., has revolutionized the way we use maps. A similar change is on its way as it relates to location-based data.

Currently, app developers whether they be individuals or corporations manage GPS data generated by their solutions themselves. GPS data adds up very quickly. Indexing, storage, retrieval and real-time analytics and decisioning consume a lot of resources and require considerable expertise to manage the impact on system performance. Performance optimizations and scaling are huge challenges. The costs can really add up. Logistrics offers a specialized “GPS data as a Service” that can handle the large volumes of GPS data, index, store and allow for optimal retrieval, provide real-time analytics that can be used within apps (after all it’s the analytics that matters not the data itself) and offers value adds such as scheduling, queuing, auto-dispatch etc., based on the data analyzed.

Logistrics Services (www.logistricsservices.com) is the first of this kind of service and offers API’s, libraries and tools to integrate location data and obtain insights and analytics in real-time that can help drive decisions within your apps.

Logistrics Taxi

We were the first globally to launch an ANDROID taxi application in the Android Market (since renamed Google Play). It’s a full featured solution & supports mobile consumer booking piece as well and is offered as a web solution (managed service offering). It works on tablets & smartphones and has been well received globally. The solution is available in several global languages including English, German, Spanish, Polish, Romanian, Arabic, Hindi and Greek. It also supports Interactive Voice Response (IVR) modules as well as Text based bookings. View the Video to understand Basic Functionality of Logistrics Taxi

Logistrics Fleet

Our Fleet application takes a completely different approach to fleet tracking. In addition to modem-based solution, we offer an Android smartphone based solution. This eliminates the costs of installation & modems and also provides the opportunity to use it as a communication device. So it serves two purposes & saves fleets costs they would otherwise incur. It’s a simple solution that provides location information (using the GPS on the device), speed, odometer, history and the ability to send some information including routing, etc., to device via email.

Logistrics Distribute

The Distribute application essentially targets companies such as soft drink bottlers, grocery chains etc., that have to manage their supply chain effectively in a mobile setting. The solution is being evolved in consultation with key potential customers. Affordable enterprise grade solutions are not available currently & it offers us opportunities to integrate with ERP solutions etc. A version of Distribute that targets restaurant delivery tracking is also available

Logistrics Field Services

Logistrics Field Services helps contractor manage their service vehicles in the field