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Solutions for On-Demand Services

Cost-effective and easy to use solutions for small to large enterprises

Logistrics has been serving the transportation vertical since 2006 with end to end business process management solutions for companies that use transportation as part of their supply chain and distribution efforts. The platform has processed over 20 million trips and billions of GPS coordinates since its inception. Its On Call solution helps enterprises improve efficiencies related to last mile transportation and is currently being used by a large U.S crew hauler serving the U.S Railroads Industry.

Logistrics also offers a services platform, providing solutions for on-demand services. The service model provides tools to help companies with transportation, metering, billing and IIOT needs.

The platform is hosted in a private cloud environment with full redundancy, providing on demand management solutions for a diverse range of clients in the Transportation and Logistics industries worldwide. Our structured business process models and proprietary algorithms support both traditional and dynamic new enterprises. Whatever your requirements, we are happy to work with you to engineer an effective and efficient solution on time on budget.



Logistrics offers transportation solutions covering Crew management, Taxi dispatch, Fleet management, Food Distribution, etc.


Logistrics offers tools and solutions to help companies develop their on-demand services.


Logistrics offer tools to help companies extract data from Industrial IOT devices and analyze them.


We aim to become a key provider of solutions for challenges faced by enterprises with their on-demand solutions.


We are at the cutting edge of technology as we help enterprises drive efficiencies around their on-demand solutions.


We work with a number of Transportation and Telecom operators globally.