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Smart Transit Solutions

Logistrics Transit combines the power of a modem installed in a vehicle, a web based scheduling, routing, tracking, driver management and ETA forecasting system with that of a consumer application that serves commuters. It is targeted at bus fleet operators but can easily be adapted to meet the needs of chartered vehicles, commuter boat operators, shuttles, etc.

The modem provides GPS data and other vehicle information in real-time that can be viewed by transit operators via a easy to use web interface. Drivers and Vehicles can be scheduled based on their availability, hours of service rules, maintenance parameters etc. Routes can be programmed and even geo-fenced, providing additional information in real-time for operational decision making.

The solution supports set up of stops along routes, linking of routes with numbers and route descriptors and can be set up to monitor trip times and on time arrivals versus mean values over a period of time.

The Consumer smartphone application allows commuters to check real-time ETA of any bus by just entering in the Bus Number and Stop No. This is a huge benefit to customers besides reducing inbound calls for transit operators.

The transit solution can be customized as needed.