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Service Provider Benefits

  • Organize for Success - Easy to use scheduler
  • Saves time, effort and money – no need to set up and maintain expensive web presence
  • No Charge backs - Little Credits the pre- payment service for customers.
  • Customer Retention - loyalty program
  • New Customer acquisition – Little Services Marketing Program including the Coupon/Little Specials Feature.
  • Low Cost - Transaction Fees applicable only on scheduled transactions
  • Added benefits – your own loyalty program

Being a small services provider is a demanding occupation. There is always a tremendous amount of pressure on time and resources. Setting up and operating a website is an expensive and time consuming effort that most of you can do without. Little Services recognizes and understands all this, for like our service providers, we are small too. Our services though are designed to help you focus on providing the services to your customers while we help you by augmenting your sales efforts.

Through our web portal, we support and provide scheduling, ordering and transaction processing services to small service providers and their customers. Our uniquely designed gateway application allows for interactive scheduling connectivity between providers and customers in an easy to use services marketplace.

Registered and participating service providers can also feature their special customer offers through the web portal under a program called “Little Specials”.

To help small service providers grow their business, attract customers and retain them, we offer service providers the opportunity to run their own unique, low cost, online loyalty program under a service bureau model. We handle the entire backend aspects of the program and the service provider deals with the customer facing aspects of the program. The program is extremely simple to set up and operate and only requires an online web connection and email account.

Little Services promotes its portal in the community in several ways to help drive new customers. All these for a very low cost transaction fee based program.